At Heathmont we are of the firm belief that everyone should live with passion, dignity and freedom from financial constraints.  

You have inherent value beyond measure and beyond your wildest imagination. Helping you to realise this is a fundamental part of our business and the way we serve.

We serve with humility and passion.  

We give back to the community and worthwhile causes, not just because it’s a great thing to do  but because we want to assist with creating a better world for all.  

We feel everyone has worth irrespective of gender, orientation, disability or race.

We are passionate in our desire to create an outstanding experience and a place for our clients and associates to feel valued and honoured.  We are a small firm which means we can quickly adapt to an ever changing financial landscape. We support you when times are tough, help you make the right investment decisions, make sure you protect your capital and are with you for the long haul. 

Continue on the journey with us. It’s an investment in you. 

Julian McGoldrick – Your Financial Adviser

As a key adviser in my clients’ life, I’ve been helping people enjoy every dollar possible for over 16 years. I have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience that allows me to make a significant difference in their lives.  

I am a self proclaimed raving fan of my clients and their financial interests are my priority. It is my mission to ensure that no matter what changes takes place in your life or the wider world, you deserve to be in control and to live your life without limitation.

I genuinely care and make an extraordinary living by providing realistic options so others can live a happy life. I take pride in helping people navigate the unexpected bumps and enjoy the successes along the way.

Through personal experience, I have seen how easily people can lose everything they've worked hard to build in an instant. I utilise my experience to prevent you from experiencing the same. My role as an Adviser is to level the playing field and protect the interests of my clients who may not have the education, objectivity or the experience to make wise financial decisions.

I truly understand the mindset, the relationship and the emotional connection when it comes to money. I also appreciate how it can be one of the biggest roadblocks that can hold you back. Changing your money mindset allows you to get what you really want from life, and it’s not just about how much money you have.

I believe some of the secrets to having more money are:

  1. Acknowledging and being grateful for the situation you are currently in, no matter how bad.

  2. Being as generous as you can within your budget to worthy causes.

  3. Constant and never ending improvement.

I know this because I do it myself. I practice what I preach.

Money for me is not about buying a Ferrari (although I wouldn’t turn one down). It’s about genuinely influencing and helping shape events in your life to create a better financial result than you could have achieved on your own.

On a personal note I am happily married, passionate about cats, coffee and architecture and renovation. I’m a keen share-market chartist, have a pilot licence, and enjoy meditation.

I continually strive to be the best at what I do, and believe in the importance of ongoing learning, development and growth.


Paul worked with us from 2009 to 2010.  Tragically Paul passed on in December 2010 from a brain tumour.  His zest for life, his spirit as well as his passion for supporting clients in their journey was an inspiration to everyone he worked with.  Paul was both an exceptional financial adviser and a keen model maker and British naval history buff. We still miss you Paul, you will forever be in our thoughts.