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We exist to provide you with options to build your wealth and financial health over time.

To free you from the 9 to 5, allow you to grow and develop, experience, see and do the things that lead to a full and meaningful life.

Heathmont Financial grew from a passion to provide a standard of client care that doesn’t exist at your local bank branch and in a way that really understands you, your life, your family and the way you want to live. 

An outstanding level of care that honours your life purpose, and sets you up and builds financial independence so you can live your life on your terms.

Come on the journey with us...


Heathmont Financial


Level 32, 101 Miller Street

North Sydney NSW 2060


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Good advice has a cumulative effect.  Our job is to grow your capital and place you in a better position over time.  It is also about the right allocation of capital for future use. We are confident that can provide an exceptional outcome for you, and invite you to read our client testimonials.

We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy when others are fearful.
— Warren Buffett

Make your money work harder | Investments

You work hard in your business or career, and so should your money. 

We research, select and implement a range of investments designed to help you improve your lifestyle over time. Fundamentally, the protection of your capital over time and the analysis of the risks associated with it are the most important considerations in what we do.  We steer clear of investment schemes that are overly complex, tax focused or charge unfair performance fees.

Grow your money | Share Portfolios

We design, build and manage share portfolios for you and your family.  

From individual accounts to large SMSF's we create and manage portfolios of shares and investments to suit your particular objectives and goals.  Unlike our competitors, we use technical analysis to identify entry and exit points and to confirm our fundamental research.


Protecting You and Your Family | Insurance

Family relationships are the most important thing in life. 

Illness, accident and death can strike us all suddenly and unexpectedly.  We research, advise and implement a range of protection measures from a wide range of leading insurers to get the right cover that suits you. This is to provide peace of mind and a certain financial outcome should the worst happen. If you need to make a claim, we support you and your family throughout the entire process.

Leverage your money | Borrowing

A powerful way to grow wealth is to use leverage, used correctly.

Through our affiliated partners, we can assist you to obtain the right finance for home and investment property purchases, land purchases, business purchases and leasing motor vehicles and equipment.


Take advantage of Property | Property Advice

Ever wanted to get into the property market but just don’t know where to start?

Want to create a passive income stream so you can say goodbye to your boss?  We can assist you with structuring and research, guide you with the numbers so you know where you stand, and, through our referral partners help you find the perfect property, obtain the right finance, and help to maximise your return on investment.

Make the numbers count | Accounting

Financial information that is clear and certain allows you to make smart decisions. 

Through our referral partners, we can support you with accounting and audit, from personal tax returns to corporate accounting and auditing. Our referral partners are switched on, outstanding at what they do, and support you to make better financial decisions.